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    What is a Bucket Sale? Come Join Us For Grand Re-Opening November 11th, 2023

    What is a Bucket Sale? Great question! Here’s how it works! 1. Grab a bucket! (one per customer) 2. Fill your bucket. All items must be in their original packaging and must be at least 75% inside your bucket to qualify. 3. After you get that bucket filled, bring it to our checkout and you’ll get a 20% DISCOUNT off items in the bucket as our way of saying thank you! 4. If your after discount, sale totals $50 or more, you can also take the bucket home for FREE! (While supplies last) 5. If you have any questions on the day of the sale, please feel free to ask…

  • Choosing Feed

    Why I Trust Blue Seal

    Before we moved to Maine five years ago, I had already heard rave reviews about Blue Seal from a friend who lives in New Hampshire. She had been feeding Blue Seal to her dog, goats, bunny and chickens for years, and I was excited to finally be able to try the line of poultry products. At that time, Blue Seal feed wasn’t available in Virginia where we were living, so I was feeding another well-known commercial brand. It was fine, but I always believed I could do better for my chickens. They never seemed terribly excited about mealtimes. Read More…

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